30 March 2016

The very first Box

Who put our crazy BOXes together?
A team of Incredible Guys who love to play with their Magic Tools!

Ladies and Gentelmen
at Lodzkie House in Brussels
made for the Crazy Polish Communist-Inspired Design exhibition
Design September, 2014



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28 March 2016

Story #2 FROM a one-night stand TO a long-term relationship

For various reasons I do not tend to make projects for life. I do not know where I will be in 5 years time and to be honest I am not really that bothered. Life is a tricky bitch that can change direction from one day to another. So, why bother.
At the time Aga asked me to help her out by preparing the expo with regard to polish design, short-term engagement whatever kind were my favourites ones. Aga's proposal met that criteria: the expo was supposed to be a one-time event; the job was for a couple of months only and with friends; the topic interesting and controversial.
Fresh and juicy. Something I have never done before. It will be like a one-night stand. Run & Fun. I will taste it and forget it - that's how I convinced myself completely regarding this job.
It has now been two years since we started working together. We have prepared two big design expos, some small ones and are currently working on the new one. The Art in the Box is expanding and, willy-nilly, I have become involved in a long-term relationship with this project.
Call me a lucky bitch! I do not regret it a tiny bit!
It has changed me and my way of seeing the world in many ways. It has challenged me to do things I have never done before, to meet people I would have never considered meeting, to face situations instead of running away from them, to look at myself differently and stop taking myself and my life too seriously.
You might wonder why am I writing all this? What are the reasons?
There are several.
First of all we want this project to grow and expand. We want to share our ideas and obviously make them real. We also want to get closer to YOU, who are reading this. We want to know your thoughts. What do you like about us and the project and what do you not. Does it inspire you or is it just a nice piece of writing? Those are the business reasons.
But there are also personal ones. In my opinion, very important ones, as it's only thanks to them that this blog will hopefully not become a dry story presentation with an empty content.
Personally I love writing, playing with words and telling stories. My adventure with the Art in the Box is full of all kinds of mini stories and emotional experiences. They are still alive in my head and somehow I have the feeling they need to be told. Now it's time to set them free and share with YOU - although I do not know you at all. 

Let's hope I don't mess up too much!
Last but not least, I believe that at least once in your life you should dare to start something bigger than you are or could possibly imagine. Not to prove anything to anybody, not even to yourself, but only to see how it feels. Taste it, touch it, enjoy it to the full and be happy that you've done it.
I must say: Doing this feels fucking good!

Written by Sabina Stachnik

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23 March 2016

The baby was born

IN the BOX and ON the STREET!

This is the place where the contemporary design is now to display!

Below the very first ART IN THE BOX scheme exhibition graphics.

graphic design: Aga Gansiniec

graphic design: Aga Gansiniec

graphic design: Aga Gansiniec

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21 March 2016

Story #1 How big projects really start…

Never in my life did I consider preparing expos. But one day I met a woman who was crazy enough to do it and I was crazy enough to join her.

Late winter 2014Lunch break in Schievelavabo at Place Jourdan
Saba & Aga are sitting at a small corner table having a lasagne-kind dish together with the following conversation.
Aga: Could you help me out by preparing an expo about polish design here in Brussels?
Saba: Actually I could. But as I've never done it, I have no idea how to do it.
Aga: Good! That makes two of us.

That was the day our Art in the Box cooperation started.
Late that night, lying in my bed I kept asking myself if joining Aga was a good idea. There were many things going on in my head. Will we succeed? What if we fail? I was full of all kinds of emotions you can possibly have when starting something completely new. Beginning with mega excitement and ending with fear of the unknown.
That night I didn’t receive any answers to my questions. So, before hitting the sack, I said to myself: whatever happens, let it happen! And believe me, it has happened!

Written by Sabina Stachnik
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16 March 2016

My Art in the Box story

My Art in the Box story
Sabina's perspective

graphic design: Aga Gansiniec

Glimpses of moments, lunch break jokes and anecdotes, true emotions and experiences.
Remarkable people whilst co-creating a project that was completely out of my dream scope.

One post-story per week over the spring of 2016.
FB: My Art in the Box story

See you there!

Crazy Polish Communist-Inspired Design exhibition/September Design 2014
Magic box - Polish Design exhibition/September Design 2015