17 July 2018

Brussels Design September 2018 << POLISH TRASH >> DESIGN EXHIBITION

Art - in - the- box.be 


M.Szostek -Zlom 

The average a Pole generates around 300 kg of waste per year.  
Not all waste ends up in a rubbish dump.  Many polish designers are taking notice of the opportunities offered
by recycling and reuse. 

Art in the Box 2018 exhibition will be presented during the Brussels Design September, which is a design festival
with events focused around furniture, objects, industrial products, graphic design, and architecture.
The program includes: exhibitions, conferences, debates, etc.

Design September has special attention for Belgian designers, but also international ones.

Many emerging designers, art galleries, museum, shops and stores, contributed to this festival
by offering cultural and commercial events.
See you soon from 13.09.2018

with Lodzkie House
D44 Architecture