12 December 2016

MUG "I am a Ceramic"

MUG "I am a Ceramic"

It is time for the next entry. Today we would like to present to you mrs Agnieszka Formalewska, designer and owner of brand design Agaf Design - Fun Loving Function and her amazing product - a mug "I am a Ceramic".

Similar cups designer remembered from her childhood and decided to give this object a new life. For the very first moment when she saw this battered and wonr enamel mug she knew shejust found some good form. She also knew that it was in the wrong material. Metal burnt the hand and lips while it also failed to hold in the heat. To her the form could work but only as a ceramic …. and she wasn't a ceramicist.

She wondered how to do it for really long time, because she had no idea of the ceramic material and the technology of production, and the companies to which she drew were not interested. In the end, she decided to do it by her own. In 2010 she set up her own studio and produced the first prototype but it would be several years before she would find the exact match of clay, glaze and paint that would make the “I am a Ceramic” mug a high quality, functional reality.

The result is a product that most cannot believe is not enamel but also a product with several twists.

The rust spots and dents on an enamel mug signal the product is unusable and needs to be disposed of. In the Agaf Design ceramic mug these become features. What was damage becomes decoration.

We just LOOOVE the Mug "I am a Ceramic". It combines the simplicity of everyday products that many of us associate with childhood and at the same time, through the use of ceramics and finish with the precious metal becomes a luxury product. Object, on which we usually do not pay much attention suddenly becomes an ornament, element of art and interior design. We wish more such surprising projects that stay longer in our memories and evoke so warm feelings. And we wish more brillant ideas to a designer!