27 September 2017

POP UP SHOP Art in the box Camping PL 1/10 @16.00

POP UP SHOP Artinthebox Camping PL :

We invite you to barbecue and sale of jewelery from the exhibition!

The only such opportunity! super message - the exhibition will be until 1/10/2017!

Have a drink with us - special beer! Jan Olbracht Browar Rzemieślniczy 

Visit us ! Lodzkie House !

photo D44 Architecture

24 September 2017

Autumn has begun - POP UP SHOP !

photo K. Luc

pop-up-shop: 86 euro

September 23th calendar autumn has begun, and that means the summer has irrevocably ended and we can look forward to the full-colored  autumn-style days. Chestnuts have already started to fall from the trees, the rowan is already blossoming, and the leaves begin to take on all shades of yellow, orange and red ... That’s right! Leaves! An unusual collection of leaves, flowers and twigs can still be seen at Art-in-the-Box: Camping-PL ...;) And that is all thanks to Kasia Łuć.

pop-up-shop: 80 euro

The exhibition in Lodzkie House presents the jewelery of this young Polish designer inspired by nature. Brooches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings look just as if someone has sunk in the silver all treasures of the forest: tree leaves, pine cones, rose flowers and trees and bushes fruits. Kasia succeeded in reproducting in metal their unstable look and delicate character, and she did it in very realistic way. For us, it’s just breathtaking. We even suspect that Kasia has some magical power, and just like mythologial King Midas, she turns in silver everything she touches ...;)

pop-up-shop: 46 euro

pop-up-shop: 44 euro

pop-up-shop: 150 euro

Kasia jewelry is not typical, and it can not be denied style. All elements are made with great care in the smallest detail, and are full of subtlety and elegance. Decoration from real maple leaves, rose fruit or birch twigs will not impress, but if they made of silver? I think every woman watching this collection already sees herself in it. Maybe for some elegant evening? It’s sure you just can’t pass by this collection indifferently!If you want to see it, come to Lodzkie House. We have good news - some of Kasia's work you will be able to buy here, and take these treasures home;) Just remember, you better hurry. Unfortunately Camping-PL exhibition is coming to an end soon ...

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pop-up-shop 154 euro

Polish jewelry Camping-PL takes the best

The exhibition of polish jewelry Camping-PL takes the best! Everyday new visitors come to see the works of Polish young designers. The transparent, triangular external installation, which adorns the Łódzkie House window from last week, still raises a lot of interest of passersby. We are just delighted with that!

photos M.Villa

Photos D44 architecture

As we already mentioned the exhibition the exhibition is accompanied by other events - meetings, parties and vernissages ... On Monday, 18.09.2017, took place the first important event related to the Art-In-The-Box exhibition - the official opening evening! The event, to the great joy of the organizers, has gathered many interested. At the meeting, not only locals appeared, but also the officials - Mr. Marshal of the Łódź Voivodship - Witold Stępień and the Director of Lodzkie House. Together, with the friends of the exhibition and the organizers,  we had a total of 100 people!
During the meeting, organizers care not only for the esthetic and intellectual impressions of the visitors, but also for their taste and stomaches ;) There was a real party in Polish style - a craft beer, grilled Polish sausage, pickled cucumbers and freshly baked bread. Yummy! 200 bouquets of delicious beer provided us with Jan Olbracht Craft Brewery, 9 huge loaves of bread were delivered by Brussels bakery C'est si bon, and other delicacies we paid thanks to Le Relais du Triporteur et son épicerie Vrac - thank you so much !!!

photos M.Villa

The event came out thanks to the work of organizers from Lodzkie House and the help of the office D44 - congratulations and we look forward to more ...

If you were not there, then you have to regret, but nothing is lost - we are waiting for more events that we will inform on the blog. Keep following posts!

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18 September 2017

Paperwork we loved ! and you ?

When observing jewelery collections at the Art-in-the-Box exhibition, we come to the conclusion that young Polish designers have no limitations when it comes to selecting materials or seeking inspiration for their work. More and more often we think that beauty is hide just everywhere, even in something as inconspicuous as ... paper. And to prove this, we would like to present the works of Martyna Woszczak.

Martyna Woszczak

The collection of her jewelery was made from lacquered copper and burnt technical paper. Thanks to paper processing, it has gained new colors and texture. Now it has many colors - from gray and blue to beige and strong brown. The thin layers of paper bring to mind the delicate, colorful butterfly wings. The combined layers of paper created original figures that adorn the black-lacquered copper bracelets and rings.

Martyna Woszczak

These paper „origami” in some way look just like dried flowers that can be found between the pages of old books. Thanks to this, Martyna's jewelry get something of the subtleties and romanticism of bridal bouquets or summer weaves woven from wild flowers.
There are probably no women who would not like such delicate, a little bit mysterious jewelry… We would have taken the whole collection home if it was possible;)

Come and see these miracles at our exhibition in the Lodzkie House. We are waiting for you !

A.Gansiniec A.Cornelis

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