10 June 2015

Art in the box

Art in the Box

Art in the Box - a new system of street gallery invented to share design ideas in a dynamic society. An original project launched by D44 Architecture - a Brussels-based architectural office.

Exhibition idea transformed from old-fashion enclosed gallery into the Art in the Box – a minimalistic box placed on the street accessible for everybody.
This is the place where the contemporary design is now on display. Wooden boxes (around 3x3m) with transparent fronts resembling a gigantic retro TV-set that present contemporary design.
The boxes are well lit and easily accessible for everyone. Available at any time - day and night and accompanied with a brief summary explaining the objects presented.

Art in the Box opens borders for design and brings it closer to people. It is a new way to present products and ideas in a dynamic society. Crazy inventions, unique concepts, simple models - everything can be shown.

Exhibitions for individuals and public services can be organized within the project. Art in the Box can also be presented as part of international design festivals.

Architects: D44 Architecture
Designer: Agnieszka Gansiniec
Project year: 2014

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