08 September 2015

Party Time ! CRAZY Open Cocktail invitation "Cider& Art" - 10 September with Cydr Lubelski

Cydr Lubelski (Lubelski Cider)

The cider is made from freshly squeezed Polish apple juice. A natural production process typical for sparkling wine production, fermentation of squeezed apples, makes it very special. As a result, the cider is intensive, refreshing and pleasant in taste. It is light, fresh, naturally sparkling and also healthy.

Cydr Lubelski is produced from 100% freshly squeezed Polish apple juice. It does not contain artificial flavours or colour additives. It is a gluten-free product.

Open Cocktail "Cider& Art"You're invited to open cocktail -
Cider & art *Magic box - Polish Design*
with http://cydrlubelski.pl/
Thursday 10 September Start 6:30 pm
Registration: info.be@poland.travel

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