19 October 2016


As you know, Art-in-the-Box want to promote creation and show that the design can accompany us every day, and in every sphere of our lives. Lately, we made an appeal to local designers and ask them to presented to us their unusual projects so we can show them then during our next boxed-exhibition in the center of Brussels. For them, it could be a greate oportunity to promote their work, and a great way to make new contacts. At the same time the audience would receive another opportunity to get acquainted with new interesting design solutions, not available for them on a daily basis. The problem is, that during the exhibition the spaces are limited to 12 artists, and we expect a much larger number of applications. That's why we decided to show you all the interesting projects on our blog. 

Today we would like to present you a contemporary idea for an interesting and affordable sexual education for children. Thanks to the applied solutions, this method of learning will not be to childish and at the same time too insistent. The author of the project is Carlien Akinrolabu.

As the autor said, "what struck her about visual communication regarding sex was the fact that sex education in schools is totally incompatible with sex as it is presented in the media". Traditional sex education mostly makes use of illustration because using photographs of people and especially as making reprezentations of naked children could be considered a criminal offence. This is obvious for us. But at the same time, every day our children are inundated with explicit photography of a sexual nature in many television programs or commercials. That's why illustrations normally used during the course of sex education can not fulfill their role well. They are too schematic and unreal compared with what children watch every day to stay interesting for them.

That's made the designer to go looking for another visual language, which fitted the requirements: it should pass censorship, look realistic and match the universe of the target audience. As she said, "she decide to used the female body itself as her medium to transmit information. She developed an educational program on a computer operated embroidery machine, translating information about sex into a tangible shape, and true to scale". 

This  revolutionary method has resulted in innovative use of textile and allowed the designer to create remarkably detailed 3D-designs. The basic idea of the project is that the textile references the naked body without actually showing the body. Doing so allows the viewer to interpret this image and avoids stepping on the sensitive toes of the censorship committee. For us, this project is very innovative and interesting. It shows us, how a good idea and design may facilitate and, at the same time, embellish the various aspects of our everyday life. 

photo:Carlien Akinrolabu
And we look forward to another interesting application projects.

Agnieszka Gansiniec, Dorota KozioĊ‚

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