13 August 2018


Brussels Design September 2018

This year, Art-in-the-Box with collaboration with Łódzkie House, presents young Polish designers who create using reused materials - or trash. 

The average a Pole generates around 300 kg of waste per year. Not all waste ends up in a trash dump. Many Polish designers are taking notice of the opportunities offered by recycling and reuse. Materials reuse makes it faster and cheaper to design and build a new product, since the reused components will not only be already designed but also tested for reliability. 

The Polish Trash design exhibition will be available from 13th till 27th of September 2018 as part of the Brussels Design September event. The main theme of this year’s edition is fabrics and ecology. 

Art-in-the-Box with collaboration with Łódzkie House proposes temporary exhibitions in the street. The exhibits will be installed on mobile platforms - trailers - that can be moved around the city at will. 

Find the work of four Polish artists, through our traveling exhibition, in several specific places that are symbols of Polish culture in Brussels.

Roza Janusz (https://www.rozajanusz.com) aims at turning packaging production into a benefit for the environment instead of a hazard. Her scoby is a packaging material that grows like vegetables. 

Marta Szostak has created a set of dishes for top restaurants made from scrap porcelain from a well known Polish porcelain factory “Ćmielów”. Porcelain fragments that would have been otherwise thrown away have been transformed into works of art.

Małgorzata Górska-Ogórek has created a collection called “Personal Belongings”, which consists of a selection of soft patterned shapes resembling children’s toys. They are all hand stitched out of the  different pieces of used clothes, as this worn fabric is saturated with history of previous users.

Dominika Zientek has created doubleMEtricGREY - a carpet devoted to Białystok double fabric. The  main objectives of this project were the analysis and application of the weaving technique. Geometry,  space division, and pure form are the three main features.

photo D44

poweb by Lodzkie House, D44 architecture 

Art-in-the-box Team.

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