04 April 2016

Story #3 One step closer to the show

On that evening I was at Aga's place. We were having our very first business-kind of meeting.
I remember myself sitting on a chair at the kitchen table and Aga standing a bit further away next to a kitchen sink when I asked this critical question:

- So, with no experience whatsoever, how are we going to manage this expo?
- A step-by-step expo guide. I have googled one on the Internet - Aga replied.

Straight away I envisaged it in my head - this googled step-by-step expo guide.

A lazy A4 printout.
With some lazy bullet points.
Maximum 10.
No details.
No description whatsoever.
Crap! Rubbish! Garbage!

I didn't make any comment because, seriously, I was convinced she was joking. But then I looked at her and I realized that she was not. She really meant it. I could see it written very clearly on her face. She was really planning to manage our expo according to a fucking step-by-step guide that she googled on the fucking Internet! And this fucking guide was supposed to save our butts!
Wow! - I said to myself - that could be really interesting. Not only the expo title, not only the boxes on the street and the communistic design which will be crazy but also the way we will run this show. What a perfect combination!

I must say I had a good laugh for the next couple of days. Then Aga sent me an email with a little attachment and I stopped laughing. The lazy step-by-step expo guide turned out to be a very professional one!

And with more than only one lazy page!
And it had all the necessary details for dummies like us!
And all the explanations, guidelines, illustrations, facts and figures!
Simply everything!
The psycho part included.

I must say I finally had an inkling what could come from this! This little piece of information really cheered me up. Really! Unfortunately, only for a while. Because once I knew what was about to happen and what steps we were going to take, did I fully realize what kind of deep shit I was in. And that there was no turning back.
Goodbye to my quiet life!

Written by Sabina Stachnik

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