26 April 2016

Story #6 Life's coincidental lines

Apparently to succeed in life you need to be in the right place at the right time. What is more, to complete the whole circle, the right person must also be present in this lucky triangle.

Well, I do not want to disappoint any of you who believe in this golden rule, but MY little life experience does not confirm this at all.

Saba in the BOX
Crazy Polish Communist-Inspired Design exhibition
Brussels 2014

Confession time:
Neither was I in the right place or at the right time when it came to my Art in the Box adventure. What is more, I had not even planned to be a part of this project. There was another person before me who began the preparations with Aga.

Late sunny autumn 2013
in the traffic close to Schuman roundabout

Aga was dropping me off at the office after having lunch together. Briefly, as we only had five minutes or so left, she told me about a project she was about to run.
- You know, I have this idea to design big boxes and place them here on the streets of Brussels to show people a piece of polish design that has been inspired by communism.
This was the first time I had heard about the Art in the Box project and before I had time to think, Aga stopped at a roundabout, I got out and left for the office and actually forgot about the whole conversation.

So far so good. The sky was clear and I was oblivious to any warning signs that may have been present. But Life – this tricky bitch – does occasionally like to rock the boat and slightly alter one's destiny path. Why? I really don't know. But that was exactly what it did to me a couple of months later.

Late rainy winter 2014
somewhere in a dead end of Brussels' metropolis

A little Art in the Box casting is taking place and the situation on the chessboard is changing completely and what is more important – it's to my favour! 

The Art in the Box is losing one of its team members and that particular team member has decided to cancel his membership and leave. Following his resignation I received an offer to join the reduced team and basically decided on the spot to accept the offer so that the Art in the Box game could be continued. One simple move and voila I’m on board!

Without any effort or winning strategy whatsoever!
Without any pressure!
With simply nothing!

God knows what?

Call it whatever you like but I believe that, to some extent, you create your own path in life just by being the person you are. And it’s the way YOU ARE, the way YOU THINK and the way YOU ACT that ATTRACTS certain people or certain situations at certain points in your life.

And all the positive things that have happened to me are not because I was in the right place at the right time with the right person but because I had the courage to grasp an opportunity that presented itself to me and by investing my own time and working hard, I feel that I have achieved more than I ever imagined. That’s all.

Written by: Sabina Stachnik

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