20 May 2016

Photo-Story #9 Right in the middle of the joy

Do you know what really is the best thing about Art in the Box?
The joy of playing with the expo stuff OR EVEN getting it for your birthday!

So, since one picture is worth a thousand words, 
with the few pictures displayed below we've got a pretty good story.
Have fun!

Setting up the exposition
Photos: Vzor, Aga Gansiniec

Bubble birthday skate drive
Photos: Bubble, Aga Gansiniec

Picnic time
Photos: Agnieszka Chowaniec, Alice Cornelis, Sabina Stachnik

Beginning of the folly with Ania Kanicka
Photos: Paweł Napieraj, Sabina Stachnik

Sledge with wheels test drive
Photos: Jędrzej Stelmaszek, Aga Gansiniec

Written by Sabina Stachnik

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