04 May 2016

Story #7 A well designed chicken soup

Ever since I can only remember I have kept myself far away from the kitchen. My mum generously respected this deviant behaviour of mine and (apart from a few exceptional bad days) did not force me to expand my cooking skills. As a result I am now a mentally healthy woman but a totally crappy cook. But today and only for you I will turn myself into an exemplary house wife and serve an exemplary house wife dish.

On Today's menu: Art in the Box chicken soup. Before we however move to the cooking part I will give you some explanation so that you can prepare yourself mentally for the coming pleasure.


The first most important thing about a good chicken soup I have observed is that it needs a good base. A good base means a good taste. And a good taste besides a good look is all that we want from a proper chicken soup. Right? 
So, run fast and catch me a fat chicken!
The second important thing I have realized about a good chicken soup are ingredients. More precisely a right blend of ingredients. Even more precisely a right blend of contradictory ingredients. 
Remember! A right balance of good and evil makes the essence of the soup.
The third and the very last most important thing I have realized about a good chicken soup is the serving. A well designed course on the serving plate is the one-stone-birds-killer that gives you a full access to the gizzards and the psyche of the victim. 
Newton's third law of motions: Hungry eyes eat first!
Once all these three simple rules are clear and learned by heart we can start producing our very special chicken soup.

Ready? Off we go!

Art in the Box chicken soup
good for body and soul

Makes 2 servings

bunch of responsibility & double bunch of thoughtlessness
strong sense of organization & friendship with chaos
bottle of seriousness and two bottles of craziness
rather on time but not necessary at right place
beauty & ugliness right next to each other
lots of care & plenty of not giving a shit
done on purpose or by chance
nerve and politeness
hope plus courage
salt & pepper

Combine the chicken, 8 cups of water and all ingredients in a soup pot.
Put it on the stove over high heat and wait for a sexy explosion.
Enjoy the very special buum-buum-sound-effect.
Contemplate the freshly created mobile design on your kitchen walls.
Appreciate the present moment and be grateful to the universe for this experience.

go for two ice cold shots of VODKA
or create your own unique cooking explosion.

Bon appétit!

Written by Sabina Stachnik

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