05 June 2016

Story #12 Let's meet and talk

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Working for an open project like Art in the Box has the advantage that meetings can be held anywhere - in a café, in a car, on the way to the metro, at the kitchen table or simply on the phone. What's more, meetings like that can be held without anybody realising it simply because they take place outside the working environment.

Weird but true - the Art in the Box meetings are sometimes held without being held! Sometimes a big decision is a consequence of a short conversation or an innocent comment made by chance that changes the whole perspective and opens a new door for realisation. And what's more important - it works!

This, after years of working in a very structured office way, was a bit of a surprise for me. 

I grew up with the idea that big projects can only be born in big heads. Also that these projects need a lot of thinking, planning and calculation. I grew up with the belief that chaos does not serve anything and that I have to be an expert to start anything in life.

After some months of working for Art in the Box I started questioning these beliefs. The day-to-day work with Aga showed me that they are still true but not entirely. The whole picture was much bigger than I had thought.

I have learnt that great ideas do not necessarily need meeting rooms or serious discussions in order to succeed. Great ideas also don't necessarily require professional minds. Also some chaos can actually enhance a project just as good as a solid structure does. I only have to find a way to utilise this phenomenon. I now understand that as a non-expert on design I still have the ability to contribute enormously to a project and that my non-professionalism will add a different dimension to the whole picture and create a bridge between the design world and the people who are about to discover it. And finally I now understand that I can do more than I think just by doing it and not only thinking about it!

And these little revelations, my dears, have entirely changed my way of seeing my life and the world around me and have made me start acting instead of just dreaming…

Written by Sabina Stachnik

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