24 September 2017

Polish jewelry Camping-PL takes the best

The exhibition of polish jewelry Camping-PL takes the best! Everyday new visitors come to see the works of Polish young designers. The transparent, triangular external installation, which adorns the Łódzkie House window from last week, still raises a lot of interest of passersby. We are just delighted with that!

photos M.Villa

Photos D44 architecture

As we already mentioned the exhibition the exhibition is accompanied by other events - meetings, parties and vernissages ... On Monday, 18.09.2017, took place the first important event related to the Art-In-The-Box exhibition - the official opening evening! The event, to the great joy of the organizers, has gathered many interested. At the meeting, not only locals appeared, but also the officials - Mr. Marshal of the Łódź Voivodship - Witold Stępień and the Director of Lodzkie House. Together, with the friends of the exhibition and the organizers,  we had a total of 100 people!
During the meeting, organizers care not only for the esthetic and intellectual impressions of the visitors, but also for their taste and stomaches ;) There was a real party in Polish style - a craft beer, grilled Polish sausage, pickled cucumbers and freshly baked bread. Yummy! 200 bouquets of delicious beer provided us with Jan Olbracht Craft Brewery, 9 huge loaves of bread were delivered by Brussels bakery C'est si bon, and other delicacies we paid thanks to Le Relais du Triporteur et son épicerie Vrac - thank you so much !!!

photos M.Villa

The event came out thanks to the work of organizers from Lodzkie House and the help of the office D44 - congratulations and we look forward to more ...

If you were not there, then you have to regret, but nothing is lost - we are waiting for more events that we will inform on the blog. Keep following posts!

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