12 September 2017

What Else Is There?

Art-in- the-Box exhibition starts tomorrow! We just can’t wait… It is the perfect
opportunity to see the beautiful Polish jewelery of young designers - wonderful
necklaces, intriguing rings and unusual earrings. And bracelets. And mong them,
those designed by Magdalena Szadkowska.

In Magda’s works you can see the inspiration taken from the architecture. We love it!
One half of the ring creating a bracelet is made of concrete, the other half is made of
glassy acrylic. And isn’t it concrete and glass that create a big part of modern
buildings? Both ring halfs with are combine with magnets, and this connection in
almost invisible. We, as architects, very much appreciate such unconventional
solutions. Not only in work, but also in everyday objects. Also jewelery;)

We like not only the form of bracelets, but also the resulting combination of textures.
Shiny and sleek acrylic blends beautifully with a porous raw concreto surface.

Minimalism of the bracelets does not only stem from used amount of materials or the
shape of the half-rings, but also on the color. Bright gray concrete and colorless
"glass" will be beautifully composed with every styling.

Are you curious how bracelets look like in reality? Need to hit the exhibition! We will
be waiting for you tomorrow. And we would like wish Magda more original ideas - we
just can not wait to see the results of her further work!

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