03 September 2017

I wish to be a crystal, but I`m not.

I wish to be a crystal, but I`m not. 

The next edition of Art in the Box is approaching. As we have already mentioned this year's event will be devoted to Polish modern and unusual jewelry and its young creators. In some next  blog entries, we will try to present you works and profiles of this young and extremely talented jewelry polish designers. And we will start today - with awsome and very talented Anna Kanicka.

Photo A.Kanicka

For this designer, jewelry design is fun, and whole proces of creation must give her fun and sense od satisfaction. Usually when she start working with new project, first of all, she set herself a specific subject, but then, the inspiration comes from everywhere - even when traveling home with public transport ;) The author designs in series, concentrating on one theme and trying to fully exploire a given subject.

Photo A. Kanicka

What we know for sure, there is no theme or material that will limit her imagination - thanks to her innovative approach and love to experiment Ania creates beautiful pieces of jewelry that can’t be ignored. As they say – once seen can’t be unseen ;) The author herself says that she loves to work with silver, she also creates a piece of jewelry with copper or brass. But many of her work are made of materials that are not associated with jewelery at all, like sponge, gypsum, modelin or artificial grass ...? Thanks to this, many beautiful and unique collections have been created and we will be able to see more of them on the exhibition.
Photo A.Kanicka

We are looking forward to seeing what ideas came to Ania’s mind this time - if you are interested too, we invite you to the exhibition!

See you there!

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