16 September 2014

The carpets! Art in the box @Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grain,1000Brussels

CARPET-CARS Agnieszka Czop, Joanna Rusin  Photo Tomasz Matczak

2014-09-09 12.14.56

2014-09-14 13.32.50

2014-09-11 13.55.04

2014-09-11 14.17.58

The carpets function as interactive puzzles. 

Artist/Maker: Carpet DOT and OPTICAL - Joanna Rusin,
Carpet CARS - Joanna Rusin and Agieszka Czop
Materials and techniques:  die,woolen felt

ART IN THE BOX meetup  19/09/2014 @ 12.30-14.00

If you want to know more about background of the project and contemporary polish design
we will be happy to answer you question

ART IN THE BOX meetups
Every Wednesday on Esplanade and Friday at Place St. Cathrine
During lunch time
util the end of September


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