19 September 2014

Wooden chair Roman Modzelewski@RUE DU VIEUX MARCHÉ AUX GRAIN,1000 BRUSSELS Meet UP Today@13.00


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Wooden chair from Roman Modzelewski - project design 1956

Born in 1912 in Łoździejach Lithuania, died in 1997 in Lodz. Studies in the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw in the years 1931 - 1935 in the studio of Felicjan Kowarski, and later to 1938 in the studio of decorative painting with Leonard Pękalskigo. Diploma in 1946.

Modzelewski designed the armchair in 1956. Its making was a
pioneering experiment - formally and technologically - in Poland at
the time.


You Can Find in the Box Lifestyle - a bite of new way of feeling comfortable at home @RUE DU VIEUX MARCHÉ AUX GRAIN,1000 BRUSSELS

Meet Up today @13.00-14.00

photo: vzor.pl




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