15 September 2014

What's in the boxes? - Cups :) @Square in front of European Parliament (Place of Solidarity)



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Box @ Esplanade/ pl. Solidarnosc
Art in the box MEETUP 17/09/2014 12.30-14.00
(Square in front of European Parliament (Place of Solidarity))

  1. Place of origin: Warsaw

  2. Date: 2010 (beginning of the project )

  3. Artist/Maker: Different designers. List of designers available on the webpage: mamsam.pl/#projektanci)

  4. Materials and techniques: ceramics

Inspired by the German cup TC 100 model designed by Hans Roerichta designed in 1959 as a thesis at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulms. Popular in Poland in times of designers’ childhood, now refreshed with new, contemporary graphics.Series are produced up to 100 pieces. Of that number, only a few models were produced. Usually series close in the number of 30-40 cups. Designers’ task was to create a design inspired by logos released in Poland in the time of communism.



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