04 August 2015

Crazy Polish Design - OFF Marina in Brussels

You think: creators, ideas, innovations, projects and sharing knowledge?

You see: OFF Marina!

I will make you a table, you will take a picture of it, or Polish entrepreneurship in West Pomerania.
A year ago OFF Marina was a place that no one needed. A place with gigantic history, interesting plot and affair twists.  It was also a landmark without a specific concept for development.
Today OFF Marina are people, it is their creation and creative energy, it is finally a will to generate a place unique on a European scale that has hipster lightness combined with work enthusiasm.
Marcin Raubo - OFF Marina / Marina Club

Designers from OFF Marina
- Patryk Paluszek
- Ewa Ratuszyńska & Mirosław Szewczyk

Kaja Cykalewicz i Tomasz Licak - Tamtędy Studio z OFF Mariny

Where to find boxes with the design from OFF Marina?
Go to ---> Place Eugène Flagey/ Eugene Flageyplein, 1050 Ixelles/ Elsene


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