03 August 2015

OFF Marina taking off!

Magic Box - Polish Design shows
the richness of Polish culture and the diversity of Polish regions.

Today we would like to present to you:
OFF Marina is a space of many events and owners!

A place for creative meets placed between the City Centre and the Pomorzany District. Now, a post-industrial, historic building gathering authors of the greatest ideas, creative realisations and projects. In the future, a co-working space, providing artistic and entrepreneurial development in over a dozen fields, the only such in Poland. Designed for cultural events, concerts, meets, conferences.

OFF authors?
People with enormous ardour of creation
who energetically and artistically co-create the space of OFF Marina.

Among them we will find not only those who produce furniture from painting-transport crates,
but also concrete lamp, custom guitar, Eco-clothing, 'city' honey, unconventional photograph makers
and innovative urban application creators.
The number of OFF Authors is constantly growing, meanwhile we invite You to familiarise Yourself with individual descriptions of their work. The artistic ideas on the Berlin – Szczecin – Warsaw route.

Designers from OFF Marina
- Patryk Paluszek
- Ewa Ratuszyńska & Mirosław Szewczyk

Where to find boxes with the design from OFF Marina?
Go to ---> Place Eugène Flagey/ Eugene Flageyplein, 1050 Ixelles/ Elsene


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