19 August 2015

The city of Wrocław - Spaces for beauty - Magic Box Polish Design

Wrocław has... 
… a history that goes back 1,010 years; 
… 25 islands formed by more than 20 rivers; 
… 200 bridges; 
… a population of 636,350, including 150 gnomes; 
… one of the largest and oldest town squares in Europe; 

What we have is the craziest design from the city of Wrocław - European Capital of Culture 2016!

Magic Box - Polish Design exhibition - no entrance, no tickets, no commitment!
Just come and let surprise yourself with crazy design ideas! Simply for everybody!

Designers from Wrocław:
Alicja Patanowska
Szymon Hanczar
Monika i Kasia Gwiazdowskie

Where to find the boxes with the design from the city of Wrocław ?

Go to --->
Place Eugène Flagey/ Eugene Flageyplein, 1050 Ixelles/ Elsene



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