05 August 2015

OFF Marina on bord!

Introduction, or a few words about...

OFF Marina has been working for less than a year,
but it already managed to capture the hearts of artists truly searching for their own path.
It captured mine at first sight and cannot let go, not even for a moment.

Personally, when I take a peek inside OFF Marina, what pleases me the most, is the fact that it unifies people into crazy idea-filled teams.

It fascinates me, that in one place an idea transforms into action,
a product or venture, alluring and attractive in its nature.
It is a basin for not only freelancers and creative freaks, but also stable entrepreneurs.

It is a beautiful place, full of beautiful people and amazing ideas,
which I whole-heartily invite you to visit.
Monika Petryczko - OFF Marina / MiastoHolizm

Designers from OFF Marina
- Patryk Paluszek
- Ewa Ratuszyńska & Mirosław Szewczyk
Kaja Cykalewicz &Tomasz Licak (Tamtendy Studio)

Where to find boxes with the design from OFF Marina?
Go to ---> Place Eugène Flagey/ Eugene Flageyplein, 1050 Ixelles/ Elsene


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