20 November 2016

DEEP BLUE - Cloak Cabin

Not so long ago, in october, in Kortrijk (Belgium) took place 25th Silver Edition of the Biennale Interieur 2016. This is an amazing exhibition, during which you can get acquainted with innovative ideas and interesting projects of contemporary designers of architecture, design and equipment.

photo: Emmy Derwin Fox 

Our designers decided to visit the exhibition. And to be honest - we do not regret it. It was exciting! 

At every step, our eyes met on something new, innovative and unique. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to look at the design with a "fresh eye".
Everything was intresting. But as it always happens, some projects we liked more than others. Few of them stay in our memory for longer. One such project, which had a big impression on us is an original piece of furniture by Emmy Derwin Fox of New Zealand. We mean an amazing dresser called Cloak Cabin.
The furniture turned our attention primarily by its unusual color. Sharp, dark blue color delighted not only us, but many others visitors. Besides this, it charmed us with its simple, ut still modern form. The designer decided to limit for maximum ornamentation of furniture and used only straight line and shapes. All these treatments have made this piece of furniture a humble piece of equipment and a work of art in itself at the same time.
But above all, the most impressive is functionality of this furniture. With the walls, which can be easily dismantled, we ourselves create the final form of our furniture. We can completely shut it down, or create open fields, which will give a touch of lightness to this furniture. As designers we appreciate such creative solutions that allow users to petty interference in the surrounding area.

We look forward to the next creative ideas of this amazing designer and we will certainly continue to follow her career. Or maybe you have seen recently some interesting others projects? We are waiting for the info!

Agnieszka Gansiniec 
Architect,designer  with more than 15 years of experience in housing, commercial, as well as specialized industrial architecture. We are full of ideas, innovative and always ready to listen to the customers' needs. Very focused not only on general aesthetics but also the functionality of the design and the efficiency of used space

Dorota Koziol - Architect

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