17 November 2016

Meadow CARPET - In the middle of winter you can sense the spring

Meadow CARPET - In the middle of winter you can sense the spring.

Collection NATURAL naturally refers to SEDUM SEBOLDII series. It is a new approach to detail. In this way lamp, carpet, and stool pads and dining pads have been invented. Its all made with natural materials: wool felt and plywood. It is neither painted nor dyed – just natural. Of course, my motto is to combine craft with cutting-edge technologies, therefore I utilized CNC milling machine and oscillating knife plotter, afterwards there was only handcraft.

Collection CARPET and POUF are handmade on weaving frame. She used natural felt and wool to make it . Every element – flower was made with oscillating knife plotter subsequently it was strung on cord to create a fringes. Next she join it together with warp like in traditional carpet. Carpet was weaved in one piece, but pouf was made of many smaller pieces joined into big one. The inspiration to do this collection was perennial – stonecrop Sedum Sieboldii. Its shape and colour intrigued me so far.

Felt is really multipurpose material therefore what she used it to  project. Combination of nature and natural material is perfect one! It was really hard but finally really satisfying job. 
Made by  Dominika Zientek

And we look forward to another interesting application projects.


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