13 November 2016

Tic Tac Toe - carpet

It is time for the next article about inspiring designers. Today we would like to introduce you to Dominika Zientek, which has truly changed our view on the carpet's subject. 

She is a Polish designer who inspired by Bialystok's weaving tradition has decided to design and manufacture series of handcrafted, mass produced, modern carpets and jacquars fabrics. 
The entire collection of carpets  was made by synthesizing a wide variety of designs. As she said as, "the main role in her projects is connection between new technologies and traditional craftsmanship". Woolen yarn and textural surface make geometric composition.

 Jacquard fabric has been woven into jacquard hand-loomed doubled warp. The result is a double fabric, where the rear part is the reverse of the front side. 

A characteristic feature of Dominicas works is a consequence of the pattern. 

All fabrics are decorated with geometric shapes. We can observed many repeated squares - based systems, rectangles and lines of different thicknesses. In addition, the fabric is characterized by saving color. A significant part of the carpet is decorated with patterns based on the contrast of black and white statement. 

Others are made with a single, natural color, usually gray, where the main role is played by texture and orientation of strands.

In our view, the work of Dominica are simply beautiful. Their simplicity and consistency of pattern refer to the idea of contemporary art and architecture. These carpets will undoubtedly become a wonderful addition to any modern interior. With its choice of colors their will harmonize with other elements of equipment in most areas.
Here are a few of the projects Dominika Zientek . Behold and admire!
Agnieszka Gansiniec, Dorota Koziol


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