27 September 2018

Feeling hungry? Don't worry, it’ll be lunchtime soon!

Feeling hungry? Don't worry, it’ll be lunchtime soon!

The SCOBY: a symbiosis of making and growing in living packages production is a circular process inspired by vegetable cultivation. The starting point was the comparison of the farmer’s cultivation work to mass-production. The farmer became an engineer and the farm a factory. And if we look at this combination of nature and engineering differently and we will make mass-produced things grow? Who in this scenario will be a farmer and who will be a designer?

The designer or the producer of growing things has the characteristics of a farmer. In the future, we will find a farmer not only in the villages but also in city centers, laboratories, industrial factories, basements or on Mars. Perhaps we will all have to take on the role of farmers, cultivate in urban gardens or in our own kitchens
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The Polish Trash design exhibition will be available from 13th till 27th of September 2018 as part of the Brussels Design September event. The main theme of this year’s edition is fabrics and ecology.

Pop Up Expo is powered by Łódzkie House, D44 Architecture, Polish Tourism Organisation and Institut Polonais.

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