09 September 2018

WITH NATURE - Polish Trash

However, we asked ourselves a question - can we create better products? More delicate, products with properties that no other company could have provided so far?

Of course we can. In 2009, we launched an innovative fabric production, with 100% CV from bamboo. We have climbed to a higher level of quality. We started to create luxury products that charmed hundreds of the most demanding customers. We have created a collection of bamboo-line, which includes fabrics, towels, bed sheets, and even diapers for children and babies.

As the only company in Poland, we produce the noblest bamboo fabrics without any admixtures. Thanks to that, we are sure that we give our clients ecological products, safe for health and at the same time delicate to the touch like silk.

In June 2013. our company has been the Laureate of the XXIII edition of Teraz Polska in the Product category, for 100% CV made of bamboo. This confirmed the innovation and unquestionable quality of our products.


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