07 September 2018

Tartaruga Kilims from Poland support non-govermental organisation Refugee.pl

Design Artist/Maker: Wiktoria Podolec / Tartaruga

Kilims from Poland is a collection inspired by traditional eastern and hutsule textiles. It’s a attempt to translate old signs and solutions into the language of contemporary design.

Symbols, which were easly recognised in the past, nowadays are lacking any meaning and they are used only in a purely plastic, abstractive way.

Kilims are made in accordance with traditional artisanal techniques. All stages of production take place in Łódź, the city with a very strong textile background. Wool used in the weaving process is a  production waste from the nearby carpet factory or come from the sustainable sheep farm in the south of Poland.

Depending on the size and the design, one kilim may need from 25 to 70 working hours for one craftsman to be made.

Every design is  produced in limited number of pieces. All the kilims are signed; bear a serial number and names of designer and maker.

2% of income is intended to support non-govermental organisation Refugee.pl that work on racism prevention and building an open and civic society.

The Kilims from Poland collection was awarded with prestigious quality marks for polish design: must have! and KUKBUK poleca!

Pop Up Expo is powered by Łódzkie House, D44 Architecture, Polish Tourism Organisation and Institut Polonais.

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