25 September 2018

Tartaruga Studio is based in Łódź - Polish Trash Pop Up Expo

The competition is on - you have to collect 2 business cards with the description of the artists and receive a great prize!

And today I am presenting the next artist:
Wiktoria Podolec

>>It is a shame to tread on the carpet, which requires 40 hours of work and 175 squats<<
Tartaruga Studio is based in Łódź and it's not a coincidence. The city was strongly connected with textile industry from the very beginning. With our activities we try to refer to those rich traditions. That's why we also conduct workshops for kids and adults. Weaving classes can help to know fabrics in practice. 

Tartaruga means "a turtle". The turtle is slow but long-lived and unique. Exactly like our fabrics.


The Polish Trash design exhibition will be available from 13th till 27th of September 2018 as part of the Brussels Design September event. The main theme of this year’s edition is fabrics and ecology.

Pop Up Expo is powered by Łódzkie House, D44 Architecture, Polish Tourism Organisation and Institut Polonais.

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